Fitness Education
As outlined in the President’s challenge, research indicates that to achieve better overall health and fitness, individuals need to participate in activities that include aerobic, muscle strengthening and bone strengthening exercises. Likewise, the fitness component is closely matched to the nutrition component allowing students to set personal fitness goals and improve their overall health. The Physical Fitness program implemented provides both structured fitness activities and personal interest activities. Using the curriculums like the CATCH, students participate in developmentally-appropriate, non-elimination games that include warm-ups, cool downs, Go Fitness, Cardio Efficiency, Aerobic Games, Muscular Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Limited Space Activities. Students will participate in Physical Fitness activities on a daily basis for 30 minutes in after school and 60 in summer camp.

Organized Sports
Few activities prepare us for a rich and successful life as participating in sports. In fact, we strongly believe such values as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and integrity are directly related to our students’ athletic activities. Sports breeds a level of growth above and beyond what the classroom can teach—and in fact, often helps elevate a student’s academic life. And most importantly, it’s fun. Incorporated throughout all program components, the organized sport activities is conducted for a minimum of 30 minutes after school and 60 minutes summer camp per day, once per week.

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