Elementary Program Academics

Financial Literacy in the Classroom
In addition to a strong foundational program, Kingdom Academy academic program focuses on financial concepts with integrated literacy, mathematics, and science products. Students become active learners by exploring and putting into practice strategies that have a positive effect for them, their families, and their communities. As an example of how this focus integrates fields, students learn how to recognize the historical events that can affect personal, local, national and global businesses and economics (social studies); investigate, explore and experiment ways to manage finances (technology); design plans and build products (engineering); develop budgets and banking processes (math); experiment with environmental resources and human elements to determine their effect on local and global economies (science); advocate for local and national consumer issues (language arts/foreign language); and participate in local businesses’ charitable initiatives (service learning). Through the use of worksite field trips, students are able to use skills learned to explore career opportunities, practice being responsible consumers, and establish entrepreneur opportunities.

Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning (PBL) is an extension of the morning program. PBL allows for real world experiences that allow for deeper understanding of the subject area. It provides the students with various methods of learning through projects that require active participation and technology in an engaging and fun learning environment. Essential Project Design Elements include:

- Key Knowledge, Understanding, and Success Skills
- Challenging Problem or Question
- Sustained Inquiry
- Authenticity

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